POSC Satellite Campuses

because God's message is for everyone

Image by Rod Long

New Holstein

N1230 Seven Corners Road

New Holstein, WI

Worship Service

Sundays @ 11 AM

Bible Study

Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM


Pastor Eric Holmgren

Phone: 920.400.3017

Email: eholmgren@posc.life

Web: www.ponh.church



Personal Bible Studies 

Available in your home, a coffee shop, or other location that works for you


Plymouth Campus Leaders

Ben and Maggie Gorski

Phone: 920.467.9090

Email: bgorski@posc.life

Limbe, Malawi


The Malawi Campus story began in 2015 when Mavuto Chiwale was finishing his schooling and began attending POSC. He completed a Bible Study, was baptized in Jesus name, received the Holy Ghost, and took God's message back to his home in Malawi. Since then, their congregation has grown tremendously and God has blessed! 


Pastor Chancy Lungu

Phone: +26.588.481.2069
Email: chancylungu@gmail.com

Senior Elder Mavuto Chiwale

Phone: +26.588.447.0076
Email: mydchiwale@gmail.com