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Family Ministries



We think that God and a case of the giggles make a great combination!

Kids Church - Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM

We take great care in presenting Jesus in a way that is fun and relevant. During our Wednesday service we provide quality, age specific programs with craft, music and Bible teaching in our Kids Church.

YOUTH (AGES 12-18)


We try to make God as relevant as

their best friend

Emerge Youth - Wednesdays @ 6:30 + monthly events

This is a place for young people to be in a positive peer environment with teaching that addresses real issues students face every day.  It’s fast, fun and a bit crazy at times – just like real life.


woman sitting on chair in front of table

We believe God still gives the best directions

Hyphen - Monthly events

HYPHEN is a community for 18-20somethings.  It’s a place to connect with other young adults, get involved in social projects and discover God’s wisdom at an age where big life decisions are being made. 



We believe God wants to connect with us no matter our age

Mens, Ladies, Seniors, and more - Monthly events

We believe we can continue to learn and grow in God forever! We have ministries dedicated to men, ladies, seniors, and more. Learning, fun, fellowship, and connection are what we strive for.

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